"I & J" by 105northtower

I. Five turn-ons



A reasonably healthy body

A devistating wit

Butts.  Butts are awesome things.  I like boobs too, but small boobs work just fine.  Butts are good almost any size.

J. 5 turn-offs

Piercings - You’re free to do what you want with your body, but piercings just creep me out.  Ears, okay.  Belly button?  Maybe.  Anywhere else…”shudder”

Smoking - I don’t mind if you smoke too much, but it is honestly like kissing an ashtray. :\

Poor hygiene - I’m talking smelly, not bathing for a week here.  If your hair is a mess and you haven’t put on make-up in the last 3 years, that’s just fine.



  1. przybyla said: I have a nose stud and you will deal with it!
  2. the-koala-wolf said: My life… agreed
  3. ruinicorn said: I creep you out :(
  4. crime-and-killers said: BUTTS
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