The atheist belief.


To show the lunacy of the atheists position that the universe created itself. Ask him what is more complex, the mona lisa or the human body. If he says the mona lisa, then he is ignorant of the world around him and you shouldn’t listen to him anyways. If he says the human body is, then tell him that the mona lisa painted itself. If he believes you, then he is contradicting his own position of not taking things on faith. If he does not believe you, then tell him it is the same as his belief that the universe created itself. So he would be also denying his own beliefs.

The evidence for the existence of the Creator is in the fact that the universe exists, and it didn’t create itself, and it is not eternal, because it changes. Change negates eternality, because change is finite. Change is to go from one single state of existence to another. It is illogical to conclude that an infinite number of changes occured before the current one.

Atheists denial of the existence of God is not based on their claim that there is lack of evidence, they know what I have said is true, they fundamentally know it. Rather, its in their unwillingness to be held accountable for their actions. Remember, atheism is a belief system built out of arrogance. Out of not wanting to answer to someone other than themselves. Anarchists basically.

Oooh.  You’re going to be fun, aren’t you?  You know, it might be good to actually ASK an atheist what they think about things rather than just making things up.  Or better yet, do a couple of seconds of research.  Just a thought.  :)

And, since you didn’t ask, all evidence points to the universe being created spontaniously 14.75 billion years ago.  The science is very clear about this, and at no point during these 14.75 billion years is a god in any way required.

As to how, “I don’t know” is really an acceptable answer.  However, in quantum physics, something comes from nothing all the time.  Indeed, it is theorized that this is the reason for the accelerating expansion of the universe.  There are decent hypotheses as to how this same quantum fluctuation could have given rise to the rapid expansion experienced in the first few moments of the Universe’s existence.

It is true, however, that these ideas have not yet been proven.  So, if you wish to believe that a god existed for the first micro-second of the universe to set things up *just so*, and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the next 10 billion years or so until he spent another microsecond manipulating a few molecules to cause them to reproduce, therefore starting life, and then did absolutely nothing else for another 5 billion years, ignoring the first 200,000 or so years of human existence until 2 or 3 thousand years ago when he chose to talk to some people out in the desert, you are certainly free to do so.  Personally, I’m going to go with natural processes for these events as natural processes are all that seem necessary for absolutely everything else.

And as for accountability for my actions, empathy and the pressures of living in a society will keep me accountable enough for most purposes, thank you very much.

Have an awesome day.  :)

~ Steve

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    Maybe they’d rather believe in nothing rather than believe in a hypocritical Creator such as the mentioned “God.”...
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    Sooo….What made God then?
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    this is a strawman it also uses the same argument that it’s arguing against therefore it is pointless
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