"Wait... does that make Jesus a rape baby?" by stevesmithis

Questionable.  Was consent asked of Mary?  She was below the modern age of consent, but this didn’t apply at that time.  Even if asked, does the question of the infinite age and authority of the deity in question constitute coercion?  We will never know the answer to these questions.

  1. more-than-slightly-ali said: I’d definitely say it was coercion—“if you’re selfish about this, Mary, then everyone will go to hell forever. Don’t want to be responsible for that, now do you?” It easily slides into the “do this or I’ll kill you,” & therefore there’s NO question.
  2. cutehipsterwitch said: She didn’t know she was pregnant with God’s baby until an angel told her so, so it’s doubtful that she gave consent.
  3. zorro-royal said: she had authority over her which makes the decision coerced if she did in fact have a choice
  4. schmittlesandvittles said: even if asked it would be a meaningless courtesy. witness god asking abraham about the destruction of sodom and gomorrah, god had already decided the cities fate beforehand.
  5. thetruthsitell said: Yes. God was a rapist in Willie’s eyes, but it was a justifiable rape (to save mankind) so that was okay. He later allowed the bastard to be killed (but he came back—gotcha!)
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