Anon: What is your view on the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict?

What’s your view on the ongoing arab-israeli conflict? Does the state of Israel have the right to exist? (a state found on the idea of nationalizing a religion and protecting it at all costs). I know you like to deal with domestic issues, just wanted to see what an atheist thinks about the issue. Also if you can please anonymize me, thanks steve.

I’d be lying if I said that I was an expert on the topic.  Back in my conservative days this was a no-brainer.  Israel was and is surrounded by a bunch of nations hostile to its existence, and they had every right to defend themselves, even if that defense occasionally took on the offense from time to time.

Now, I see Israel as being the instigator in a lot of the conflict over there, and in ways that are not necessary to their own self defense.  Israel is a creator of unnecessary conflict just as are defenders from it.  I think everyone is in the wrong  in some way or another.

Does Israel have the right to exist?  This was a question to be asked at the time of its creation.  At that time, the answer would probably have been no.  But right now, it exists, and there is no way of taking away that existence without major conflict.  The question right now is, therefore, irrelevant.

The land in question is sacred, holy, and all that, and whether there is any truth to the reasons why it is thus is likewise irrelevant; it is what it is.

Personally, I’d like to see the Disney corporation take over the whole troubled area and charge a small admission to see the sights.  If anyone can keep an unruly mob happy and under control, they can.  :)

~ Steve

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