"Not sure if you're aware, but as white people, we aren't allowed to get upset when bad things happen to non-white people. Unless we're racist." by stevesmithis

Well, I’ll agree that some people seem to see things this way.  I’ll continue to post as I see fit, to take criticism when warranted, to give people who criticize me a fair hearing, and to either adjust my behavior or to reject their arguments as unsupported by fact.  I don’t honestly see how I can do it any other way.

~ Steve

  1. shiny-umbrella said: I’ve actually read on here that if you are white you are automatically racist. *shrugs*
  2. schmittlesandvittles said: fuck me, steve, another answer i want to reblog. that’s a giant issue i have with people i try to follow here… there is an ownership that some people take over their issues that excludes all other input. bullshit.
  3. thefoolthewildcardarcana said: There is a HUGE difference between the neo-colonial “White Savior” complex and fair across the board criticisms of child abuse.
  4. artifedex said: This whole “white privilege” thing is BS. :/ We can’t get upset over things happening to non-white people, but if we don’t interject somehow, we get chewed out as well. I don’t get it. So I do what I want!
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